Our helicopters

Coldstream Helicopters provides RK Heliski with our Bell 212 and ASTAR B2 helicopters. Coldstream Helicopters is made up of a dedicated group of professionals who focus on supporting it's customers. We believe in our team, we believe in our equipment, and we believe in our ability to provide RK Heliski guests with an amazing backcountry heli-skiing or heli-boarding adventure. Rob Gallagher, President of Coldstream Helicopters.

Bell Helicopter 212 HP

The Bell 212 has been the tool of choice in BC's heliski industry for many years.  The 212 is powered by two Pratt and Whitney engines that deliver more than enough power for carrying 10 guests.  

Bell Helicopter 212HP (Comfort seating)

The Bell 212HP comfort seating configuration is a new addition to RK Heliski to maximize our guest experience.  This machine is dedicated to our private packages, the 5 Run Semi-Private, and Private Platinum.  For guests who have flown in ASTARS or Bell 407s, you might ask yourselves, why ski privately in a 212?  The answer is simple...more room and more comfort!


The Eurocopter ASTAR B2 is a turbine-powered helicopter noted for its exceptional passenger comfort, speed and range. Smaller group size means a quicker pace and the ability to land and explore less travelled areas.

RK Heliski's Small Group Private is serviced by this helicopter. Agile, nimble and sporty. You will be flying high over the Purcell Mountains in style with this helicopter. Four passengers, all with large window seats give you a clear view of your deep powder playground below.