First time heliskiers

If you are confident skiing or snowboarding on black diamond runs, are in good physical shape but do not have powder experience...the answer definitely is yes! With the advancement of customized powder skis and snowboards, heli-skiing / boarding is something for you. View our Ability Guide. All of our guides excel in finding fresh untracked powder in terrain that matches the group's ability level. Weather and snow condition dependant, you could find yourself on an open glacier run or in perfectly spaced trees. At your own pace you enjoy your adventure in a group of similar abilities. rk heliski morning heliski check in
All guests must complete the release of liability waiver, ski and snowboard rental forms and an accurate guest weight. After you have enjoyed a complimentary breakfast, one of the guides will discuss what to expect for weather, suggest layering and demonstrate several safety equipment functions located in the Guest Pack. rk heliski morning breakfast
Now that the paperwork is completed and you have enjoyed a hearty breakfast, the guides will ask you to join them outside for a series of safety briefings. rk heliski helicopter safety talk
Safety briefings include: Companion Rescue Training and how to properly use you avalanche transceiver, probe shovel and radio. Helicopter Safety. All of our Guides are trained in avalanche rescue and have a wealth of knowledge that they are happy to share with you. Questions are welcomed and encouraged. As you board the helicopter, ask yourself the following things: do I have skis/board, gloves, toques, goggles, helmet, camera, sunscreen, lip protection and most of all... a sense of adventure! The first group of the day departs by helicopter and others are shuttled to the nearby staging area where the helicopter will be waiting after dropping the first group on one of many mountain tops. The flight is as exciting as skiing/boarding the powder. Some of the tallest mountains in British Columbia are located in the heart of the Purcell Mountain Range. When the helicopter strategically lands, you can be certain that your heart will be beating with excitement. The helicopter does not shut down, so it is extremely important to wait for the signal from your guide to disembark carefully. Remain in the heli-huddle until the guide unloads all of the equipment and the helicopter takes off. rk heliski first heliboard run of the day
Now there is only silence and smiles at the top of the mountain where the only way home is down. Your guide calls your name, hands over your equipment and gives you instructions. The guide is experienced in providing a safe and enjoyable day for everyone in the group. Ski/board in control, take your time, buddy-up in the trees and when the guide stops, you stop above never below! The first run of the day can be the most challenging; adjusting to the environment, new equipment and DEEP POWDER! Remember take your time, stay in control and if you are having difficulty ask the guide for a few pointers. The guide will stop at intervals as the group descends. The average time per run varies from 20 – 50 minutes. There will be instructions regarding the route and hazards on the way down. As you reach the bottom of the run, the helicopter may be waiting for you or may fly in as you are bundling up your gear. Always use caution when approaching the helicopter and listen and follow instructions from your guide. Hand your skis/board to the guide and buckle in for the next lift. Typically, the group will ski/board 2 to 3 runs and then break for lunch. Take a rest and refuel on hearty sandwiches, juice, water, hot tea, snacks and treats. rk heliski backcountry powder lunch
After lunch, the heli adventure continues. The guide and pilot determine if you move to another run or zone or continue to ski in the same area. There are many factors to be considered, with safety being the priority. Once you have completed your purchased package, your guide will ask the group if anyone would like to ski extra runs. Weather, snow conditions, remaining day light hours and minimum requirements will determine how many extra runs you do. You may decide you will call it a day while some of the group choose to keep going. There is a chance, depending on several factors, that those who choose to sit out the next run remain at the pickup area while the helicopter takes off. Or you may be regrouped with others and shuttled to the staging area. So you did it! But the adventure does not stop here. Once you are back at the Heliplex look for your certificate of accomplishment, purchase a heli souvenir in the Alpine Boutique, relax by the crackling fire while enjoy après ski and exchange photos and emails with your new heli-ski/boarding friends. Most important of all...start planning your next trip!