Booking information

Booking your heliski adventure with RK Heliski is a pretty simple process. We have done our best to deliver as much information on our trips, our operation and our people, on this website. If you have a good idea of which heliski package you wish to book, give us a call or email! This is our preferred method of booking our guests. We get a chance to really connect and explain all the possibilities with you. This is also a good way to book your heliski trip. A great place to start is our request availability form. You are now able to chat with one of our booking agents via chat window. If you have a quick question about your current booking, or looking to ski or board with RK for the first time, our Live Chat service is a great place to get the info you are seeking.
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How to book and forms that are required prior to booking confirmation:
  • An electronic release of liability waiver form MUST be filled out by each guest and sent back to RK Heliski before the booking can be confirmed.
  • Booking form with personal information.
Your release of liability, booking form must be filled out by each person in your bubble, signed and sent back before payment can be made. Once we have this information a booking confirmation will be sent out. Our packages and policies are subject to change with the changing environment. Every guest must read and sign a Release of Liability waiver form. This form details the inhearent risks involved in heliskiing and snowboarding as well as helicopter travel. You are welcome to review these forms below. You will be asked to read and sign this document at the time of check-in.
English - Our company policy is that guests need to be a minimum of 14 years and older to heliski and heliboard with us. If they are between the ages of 14 and 18 years old a parent or guardian must accompany them when skiing at all times.
  • An assumption of guardianship letter will need to be signed by the parent.
  • A second waiver will also be signed by both the minor and the parent/guardian.