Altitude is everything

The Best Heli-skiing in BC

"Being so high has many unique and rewarding attributes only found at rk." With out a doubt, we have the highest landings in the Canadian heliskiing industry.   With many landings well above 10,000 feet and some over 11,000 (3 000 - 3300 meters).  Those are heli landings, not peaks!  This means, you are roughly 2000 - 3000 feet (600 - 900 meters) above tree line on some of your runs.

Our tenure is somewhat of a ‘perfect storm’ when it comes to winter precipitation.  Frequent storms from the west bring loads of dry low density snow.  Being at the apex of the Purcell Mountains means that all that snow is light and dry, staying on the ground well into May, vastly extending our operating season. With such a high heliski tenure, the moisture from the coast stays the form of snow.  Not rain.  We boast having less than two ‘no-fly’ days a year, and when we do, it’s usually because it’s snowing too hard! It makes sense, if it is a long way up, it must be a long way down!  We don’t sell our packages based on vertical because some of our runs would eat through a good chunk of your quota.  Some runs are long, some are really long and some are less long.  Our guides will ensure you and your legs get their moneys worth. Our location equates to many options.