Frequent questions

Do I need to sign a release of liability wavier?

Yes, all wilderness activities in British Columbia require participants to sign a release of liability waiver form prior to taking part in the activity. 

What is the minimum age to heli-ski?

1. Our company policy is that guests need to be a minimum of 14 years and older to heliski and heli board with us. If they are the ages between 14 and 18 years old a parent or guardian must accompany then when skiing at all times.

2. A waiver will be signed by the Guardian separately.

3. A second waiver will also be signed by both the minor and the guardian.

Can I use my own transceiver and Balloon / ABS Pack?

For liability reasons we require you use rk's avalanche transceivers. But you are welcome to use your own Balloon/ABS pack.

How long does it take to ski a run?

This varies dependent on the snow conditions, terrain and the groups' ability level.

How many vertical meters do we ski each day?

Our skiing is sold by the run. The glacier runs are longer than tree runs. Runs will average 800 v/m.

Do you fly if it is snowing?

Weather determines where we ski or whether we are able to ski at all. While blue skies and deep powder appear ideal, the best conditions often occur below the tree line on snowy overcast days.

How do I dress?

Clothing should be layered for sub-zero temperatures. Don't forget to bring goggles, hat and ski gloves. Note: Heated gloves are not permitted as they interfere with the avalanche transceivers. For sunny days, sunglasses and skin protection are certainly recommended. Forgot something? No problem, since everything is available in our gift shop.

What type of equipment should I bring?

Bring your boots. We provide our skiing guests with poles that have powder baskets. We strongly recommend that first time heliskiers use rk's Powder Skis or Burton Powder Snowboards.

Can I be in a fast group?

We direct all of our clients to our skier ability levels to determine if their level is intermediate, advanced or expert. The skiing groups are determined by this stated ability.

What time do we start skiing? Return from skiing?

We ask that guests arrive at 8:00am at the rk Heli-plex. Guests will then return to Heli-plex near 3:00pm after their day of skiing is complete.

Can I bring a camera and/or video camera?

Yes, however weight restrictions apply for safety reasons, cameras or video cameras must be carried in your pocket or provided guest pack.

What do I get for lunch?

RK Heliski will provide a hearty lunch consisting of sandwiches, chocolate bars, cookies, fruit, juice and hot tea. A lunch spot with mountain vistas is chosen each day at the base of one of the runs. Special dietary requirements can be met when we have prior notice.

Do I have to jump out of the helicopter?

No. Our helicopters land and then the guide directs you safely away from the machine.

What is your refund policy?
What happens if you cannot fly?

It happens very occasionally that a day is cancelled. (RK averages only 2 cancelled days per year). In case that it does happen, refunds are subject to the terms outlined in our Refund Policy.

Can I bring my small backpack with me?

No. Each guest will be provided with a small backpack containing top of the line rescue equipment.